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Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 36 - ENG

Cookie says...
Continued being the tourist today and headed to Lords. The tour is more about the Marylbourne Cricket Club however this is where they house The Ashes and stacks of other historical cricket items like two stump wickets and curved bats. The tour included rooms like The Pavilion, home change rooms, the stand and the media centre. It was interesting to note that the MCC is the governing body of the laws of cricket, not the ICC.

He's got him... yes!

I'm definately listening to some 12th Man when I get home.

Once that was over I headed into town to meet Julie. The two of us were heading to Frankfurt with Sarah and one of her work colleagues for the weekend and we had to get to Stansted early to change the name on the ticket from Gavin to him. Everything went smoothly until we actually flew. It was the roughest flight I've ever been on. We had a hefty tailwind which although delayed it's arrival in London, made for a quick flight to 'Frankers' which in itself was like flying to Sydney - no sooner have you reached altitude and then you're descending to land.

For the last half of the flight it was a bit rough but there were a couple of moments where the plane dropped suddenly resulting a chorus of screams from half the cabin, especially the American school group that was parked around us. The second we landed the cabin was full of clapping although Julie rightly pointed out that clapping should be held until we've actually stopped moving because anything can still happen... has anyone seen that footage from Hamburg? Check this out! That wasn't us but the same day in the same country.

We experienced something else at the airport. Our only piece of checked in luggage had arrived and been collected by Julz and I before Sarah had passed through border control and it was in her name - I don't think this has ever happened in the history of commercial flights. After what we thought was a quick start to the trip we were then let down by the bus which just sat there for half an hour before we left. I think the driver was more interested in eating frankfurts instead of actually driving us to Frankfurt (because in true RyanAir tradition, we've landed 1.45hrs outside of Frankfurt). The bus ride was uneventful and we mostly dozed but when we got off, we had to hoof it several blocks in light rain to find our hotel which looked like it was closed but thankfully was not.

Checked in, showered and slept as it was after 1 in the morning.

Julz says...
It seems that every trip I take with Cookie, I am meeting him at a random train station straight from work. This trip was no different. After leaving work early (sshh, don't tell!), we met at Fenchurch Street Station and headed to Stansted early to change the flight details in typical RyanAir style (must be done in person - no-one would answer the phone and negative on internet check-in). That all done, we headed to the pub inside the airport (as all good English airports have), and I drank cidar whilst watching the highlights of the Aussies being beaten by the Indians at cricket! How disgraceful!

As was mentioned, the flight wasn't the greatest, but I had complete trust in the pilot and ground-crew, and figured that if they didn't know what they were doing, there wasn't a great deal that screaming would do about it. (It seems that Cookie is a nervous flyer, for any of you who need blackmail info for future reference.) Once off the plane, the charming 2hr trip on the bus at some stupid hour of the night meant that Cookie yet again got to fall asleep on public transport - I'm beginning to wonder if I am really that conservationally boring...

Thanks to Adam, his trusty BlackBerry and Google maps, we found the hotel with relative ease in the rain and all headed to bed.

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