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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 37 - DE

Cookie says...
Adam managed to beat us to the breakfast table but we soon caught up with him. We decided to walk to the station and get some info and work out what to do from there. It was a short stroll away and after renting a car, we made a B line for Heidelberg. This meant one thing: autobahn! I don't remember what car we had but it did alright although we were still were overtaken by other people at silly speeds.

An hour later and we were in Heidelberg. One of Heidleberg's claims to fame is that the oldest evidence of human life in Europe was found near here. I think Sarah maintains that I'm his twin brother. We made our way to the castle that overlooks the town and stopped for lunch. The food was okay and afterwards we briefly strolled around the outside of the castle. It was quite windy so we descended into the town to check out a few bits and pieces. They had some souviner places there and I really wanted some steins however I didn't have enough Euro's and it seemed that my Visa card wasn't accepted around the traps.

Spotted some tourists in a carpark

Julie, Sarah and I

We walked around the outside of the castle... literally


Julz had been unwell through the arvo so after checking out the bridge, we jumped back into the car and onto the autobahn and motored back to Frankers. We were lucky to find ourselves a park close to the hotel and after getting ready for dinner, we walked over the river and down to an area known for more traditional places to eat. The place we wanted to get into was packed and only had room in the smoking section which we weren't keen on. Seems over here a smoking section isn't filled by a group of people who might have one or two smokers but the whole group smoked - no thanks!

There was another place a few doors up the street so we went there instead. The locals seems to like some apple wine concoction so we tried it. The guide book said that non-locals typically water it down as they can't handle it but we didn't and couldn't work out what the fuss was as it seemed no different to cider which our resident cider expert (Julie) proceeded to get stuck into it. Three of us had snitzel as it was the closest thing to a German meal on the menu and Sarah had some pasta. The snitzels were huge and came out as pairs resulting in me having to be rolled back to the hotel. But first Julie and Adam had some whisky and Sarah and I had an orange and vodka. That's right, not a vodka and orange, an orange and vodka because we maintain that there was more vodka than orange in the glass and you could have run a top fueler with it.

Not sure if Adam is squirming at the size of the meal
or the size of the jug

After getting back to the hotel, Sarah and Julie had developed a craving for chocolate. I wasn't too keen on heading out again however I kinda felt like some chocolate milk. So what I thought would be a quick trip to the corner store turned into an experience of being man handled by three strippers trying to drag me into three of their clubs. The hotel we booked (looks at Julie) was on the edge of the redlight district. I wasn't to concerned by that because in Brisbane you walk past strip joints and the person outside might say hi and ask if you want to come in. They don't operate like that here. I couldn't believe how hard they tried to get me in there. One guy even tried the ploy that I'd dropped something after I'd walked away from them. I hope the girls appreciate what I did for them because I felt dirty and wanted a shower when I got back.

Cookie points out...
There was nothing wrong with my directions, they were technically correct given the information at hand however the Blackberry's GPS wasn't the quickest device I've used to navigate and was lagging quite a bit.

Sarah's theory was only part right. I didn't have any issues with getting something from here, I was trying a theory of mine that if she only asked one or twice, she would give up.

And Julie did want chocolate... at least she might not have had the urge to have some initially however she loves M&M's and wouldn't turn down the opportunity for some as it's quite difficult to find the plain ones in London. Upon leaving Frankfurt, I bought two large bags of them so she wouldn't go without. Sorry mum, that's why I didn't have an infernal tea towel from Frankfurt / Heidleberg.

Julie always seems thinking about something...

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