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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 48 - HK

Managed to sleep in today but was out on the street shortly later. Walked up and down several of the roads and encoutered a thousand Indians trying to get me to have them tailor a suit or shirt. When they realise I'm not interested they then try the 'copy bags, copy watches' routine. Most streets look similar in that they're littered with electronics stores, Indians and tourists. Walked past a church and noticed there was a Keswick conference on at the moment. Did plenty more walking and then headed back to the hotel before wandering off to the science museum. It had quite a few hands on exhibits and information on day to day appliances and how they work.

Big city = big ads, one Yank tourist said this was the biggest lunchbox... ever

Afterwards I picked up my gear for some time-lapse and headed up to The Peak. Jumped onto the Star Ferry for the first time and went to Central (Hong Kong Island). Located the bus that goes to the Peak Tram Terminus and jumped onto the funicular. Got to the top and looked around for a vantage point. There's a lookout with two levels which isn't used as much as a Peak Tower has been built however the lower (what I thought would be the less popular balcany) still attracted some attention. At one point I had a bunch of tourists I think from Japan singing some tune and a dude who spent 20 minutes point around the city. I feared that I'll get a bunch of frames covered with hands and fingers but a preliminary review seems it's come up negative. Mind you, a careless Pommy managed to kick the tripod... grr... got talking to her and her friend after lending the careless one my little tripod (her night shots were covered with motion blur) and some other Indian who currently lives in the US. As expected, our conversation turned to cricket.

A view from this lookout

Back to the hotel and did some more blogging etc (I've got a bit of a backlog) and watched three episodes of That 70's Show hoping that I'd get tired and get to bed before 12.

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