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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 47 - HK

Entering Hong Kong was quite a simple affair. Landed, passed through border control without a single question, picked up the baggage (relieved that it had arrived after hearing stories about Finnair), bought an Octopus card for public transport and made for the train. Could have taken a more scenic route to the hotel however I was tired and smelly so just wanted to see if it was too early to check in.

Caught the Airport Express to Kowloon and after initially thinking I could walk it to where I was staying, I thankfully ended up on the free shuttle service. Unfortunately it was too early to check in however I was able to leave my bags and go for a wander. Thought I'd head down to the front that looks towards Hong Kong Island and met some Indian who claimed he'd had a vision he was to meet me and foretold all these great things that were to happen to me soon (all of which could be applied to anyone). He really just prays on tourists with fortune telling and then tries to fleece money off them. Managed to give him the flick and headed up one of the streets while checking out some of the shopping precincts containing more brands you could poke a stick at. They were attatched to the harbour so cruise tourists were their target. Found an old school Germany Football spray jacket from the 80's. Tempted to buy it because for some reason people think I live in that era. If only it was a Bon Jovi denim jacket!

Gave up walking cause I was still tired and smelly and made my way back to the hotel. Sat and read until 12 and asked about the room again and thankfully it was ready. Found the room, got some of my nerd gadgets charging and had a shower. Had a bit of a nana nap too although it balooned from one hour to three. I woke a few times to my alarm and a message from mum and when I checked what I'd replied with a few hours later, I realised I was so tired that whatever I sent her didn't make sence.

Finally left the room and after experiencing a seniors moment and leaving my tripod behind, I picked it up and grabbed some food. They have a 'Symphony of Light' each night so I found a vantage point to watch it and try a time-lapse of the view. Naturally the end result was only getting half the view in because I wasn't sure where it was located and it was really wide so couldn't get all of it anyway.

What a heap of junk!

Not Mikey's skyline but Hong Kong's

Once it was finished, I came back to the room to try and catch up on photos and blogging. Just hope my snooze hasn't made me too tired to sleep!

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