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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 38 - DE

Cookie says...
Once again Adam was up before us and with breaky done, we were outa there. Decided to find some botanical gardens which we walked around for a bit. Just before we left we descended upon a playground and had some fun with some of those seat see-saw's for a bit of mindless fun in the morning. Thought we'd try some tough laps for a bit and take in what the city looks like and then after dropping the car off, we headed for some lunch. We wanted to find a typical German pub or beerhaus however all we could manage was a cafe. Wasn't the smartest of moves as we bussed it there and hoofed it back at a great rate of knots to try and make the next bus to the airport. And that was a no. So we sat in the railway station for a bit and then we bailed.

Trip to the airport was quite a way however this time we could see the country side. Offloaded ourselves, checked in and sat around waiting with a few hot chocolates. I picked up some chocolate duty free too. We boarded our plane and as this airport probably wasn't the biggest and busiest around, the pilot was able to taxi and leave in one swoop and just to show he was either good, tough or a bit of a cowboy, he'd actually gunned it while half way around the corner coming onto the main drag. The landing at the other end was a bit sudden too. I think the gound snuck up on them but we hit hard and stuck.

Exited, boarder control came and went and then found the baggage and high tailed it for the expres train to Liverpool Street Station. Initially I'd planned on staying at Sarah's however as Julie was sick and it was dark, I decided I'd see her home instead. Turned out there was a bit of track work going on so we had to offload prior to Liverpool and then tube it to intercept the C2C service that left Fenchurch St.

Arrived at Chafford Hundred, picked up some Chinese for dinner I had a bit of a chat with the other housemates of Julie's and then called it a night.

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