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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 40 - ENG

Yet another touristy day today. Scored a lift with Natacha who picks Julie up of a morning and she was kind enough to drop me off at Grays station. Made it to Tower Hill where I wandered around seeing if there was a decent vantage point I could use for a time-lapse of London Tower and had a crappy English breakfast.

Picked up Sarah's keys and dropped off the suitcase at her place. I then figured as I was in her neck of the woods, I'd go check out a few things around there. First on the list was the Natural History Museum. It's pretty big and has several sections like dinosaurs and marine life and stuff but a bit of a highlight was that they were hosting some Shell sponsored wildlife photographer of the year event so I check it out. There was some amazing photos in there with interesting stories to go along with them.

As it was actually part of the same building, I headed around to the Science Museum. It was pretty interesting and spread across several floors. There was space stuff on the bottom along with other machinery and stuff. Left level had boats and stuff including decent sized models of countless passenger liners and war ships although I didn't see one for the Titanic. Above that there was stuff for medical developments and for flight. People whinge about wars (and rightly so) however as necessity is the mother of all invention, without the world wars there would be many developments like radar, flight and engine technology and rocket power which would not have been invented and refined during the times which they were.

Headed to the VNA (Victoria and Albert) Museum next which has a hugh collection of just stuff. There's cartoons (actually big paintings in this case by that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle inspired artist called Raphael), iron (there was some intricate stuff here however ironwork is kinda lost on me), glass, architecture, regional exhibitions, sculpture and other things that people might like to look at.

Then to bide my time I wandered along one of the high streets. Ended up strolling into Harrods and it was pretty apparent that I was the pleb amongst the crowd. Managed to locate the entertainment section which had a Pioneer display. Us Aussies usually get screwed with pricing however unless it's just Harrods, we aren't the only ones. The screens I'm contemplating between for the townhouse were almost the same in pounds! So we're not doing too badly.

Met Sarah and bought dinner for later. I headed back to Gavin's to get the notebook and then had dinner at Sarah's and stayed the night.

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