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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 33 - ENG

Ahh... today was a bit of a 'mission' day. If you really want to hear about it, email me however after I tell you that Sarah would call me a 'sap' and Gavin would ask 'why the hell did you do that', I don't expect to hear from anyone.

The next part of the day was to be seeing U2 in 3D at the IMAX however as the C2C train service had my first train running 45 mins late, I didn't get there in time so I ended walking around the Tower Hill area.

Makes me want to go find my castle Lego

Had a late lunch and headed to my vantage point for some more time-lapse. No police interest this time though.

No points for guessing what I did the time-lapse off

Bet you didn't think it spun this fast!

Afterwards I managed to make it back to Tower Hill to join a Jack the Ripper tour. Which was a bit of a shame as it proved to have been an awesome night for photography. It was another 2.5hrs of walking but I'm not complaining. It was quite interesting and I've had too much hot chocolate and good food to not want to walk it off. This tour is run by ex-Befeaters and it was well presented. The guy built up the tension nicely and at one point I thought it was going to get messy because two other rival tour groups arrived at the same location at the same time as us. It looked like it was going to be a Mexican Standoff, like what they have in Mexico sometimes. They also include their own spin on it including what the FBI (Federal Bloody Idiots?) profilers think. Turns out it was Colonel Mustard in the dinning room with the lead pipe! Just kidding, if you come over, it's a tour worth doing.


  1. Cookie.....Wow what an awesome photo!!! Love it!
    Nikki :)

  2. Hi all, This is Brendon's dad, just stumbled on your blog, and have had a good laugh !!!. love the shots, although no matter how long I stare at the time exposure shots they still look the same !,
    anyhow it was 40deg last saturday, so I hope you enjoy the cool days in the UK. The punns and comments are true "cookie classics",looking forward to your future travel tails, David Pilt

  3. 40 deg? Shoot! Glad I'm here. Funnily enough, I've been whinging that I'm missing the Aussie summer. Looking forward to the beach though!

    As for the time-lapse. I've only posted photos of the shot that I've done for the time-lapse. I can't create the time-lapse videos until I get back home and then I'll stick them up on the blog for a bit of closure.

    Thanks Nikki, there's been a coupla shots I want to get so we'll see how I go. This was using an ND8 neutral density filter allowing a 25 - 30 second exposure and giving a nice impression of movement :)