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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 28 - ENG

What a write off! Today I discovered that it's easier to buy new clothes than to wash and dry them. I basically spent the day cooped up in Julie's house trying to do a load of washing. To make matters worse, silly me didn't seperate my colours resulting in an old and new shirt stained - not happy Jan!!! I was soo bored too. You know, there's only so much interest that the internet can provide to someone. Part of the day was hiding in Julz bedroom as the cleaners arrived and we weren't sure that they wouldn't find a freeloader and tell the landlord.

Finally I got sick of it and packed and left. Walking to the station took a good 20+ minutes with a pack that was heavier due to carrying damp clothes. I briefly stopped in at Lakeside which proved useless and then trained it to Fenchurch. The plan was to meet Gavin and Sarah to go see Cloverfield that night. The tube was running okay... sorta... some of the lines are known to have issues but I made it in good time to Wimbledon.

I hung out the damp clothing at Gavin's and went for dinner at a Thai joint with Sarah, Gavin and his housemate Jo. We watched the movie and that was that for Thursday.

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