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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 16 - AT

Cookie says...
Pretty simple day. Woke early and trained it to Luton Airport where we boarded our flight and landed in Vienna, Austria in the arvo. After finding our hostel we had dinner at a Turkish place on the same block and had a quiet night in planning our assult on the town tomorrow

Julz says...
First day of holidays and after Cookie complained about the size of the bathroom, we were off and racing. Its interesting travelling with someone who actually talks to drunk random strangers on the train.

The flight was delayed but after figuring out the Vienna underground train system, we found the hotel ok. Cookie is such a gentleman, and let me drag my own suitcase across the interesting Vienna pavement (yup, I have waited 6 months for a boyfriend like this). Oh well, maybe he will make up for it tomorrow...


  1. Wheres the photos from yesterday ;)

  2. Hey mate, looks like your having a good time over there. How long are you over there for?

    Anyway looks like I won't get a chance to see you again for quite a while as I'm moving to Melbourne this week (wednesday to be exact), so if you ever get bored, jump over to and say hi.

    Stay safe

  3. Yeah, funny Brendon :P

    There actually weren't any photos taken that day