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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 19 - AT

Cookie says...
This trip had now officially involved almost all modes of transport excluding boat and hot air balloon. We made good time to get to the train station and boarded for Salzburg. Not a bad journey actually, especially once we'd left what one could only describe as a drab Vienna. It's definitely not a city (in winter at least) that's inspiring so don't know how Beethoven came to pop up here.

Arrival in Salzburg was fairly uneventful and we boarded the bus to go to our hostel. We knew it was a few stops out of town but when the bus kept on going, we discovered we were out in the boonies. In the next town to be exact. It kinda reminded me of New Zealand in an Austrian kinda way but once we found the place, boy what a hostel! It was technically a bed and breakfast but was literally a leading establishment in Austria.

Once we'd offloaded our gear we headed back into town as there was this great looking fortress on a hill that I thought I'd try capturing going from day to night. Actually had fun with people getting in the road of this one - it's amazing how cameras attract people to stand in front of them. Once it was over, we marched around town for about an hour looking for a place for dinner. We ended up bailing and finding a pub in Grodig (our boondocks township). So glad we did this as the tomato soup was soo yummy (think I'm glad Julie let me try some of hers as I had something else), I grabbed what was essentially a mixed grill and Julie picked some schnitzel thing. One of the highlights was the beer. They had some stuff that was potent but was far superior to anything Australia can brew. This was all topped off with some appelstrudel... naturally :)

Julz says...
I am officially in love with train-travel in Austria! We had one of those booths you see in the movies pretty much all to ourselves for the 3hr journey (which, ironically enough, was longer than the flight we took to get to Austria), and so we had space to sprawl Cookies large amount of baggage (yup, he packed more than me!).

Three hours of scenery summed up in one photo

Once in Salzberg, we figured out the buses (no underground here), and caught the somewhat-longer-than-expected bus to the hostel. But it was so worth it! A fab place that beats anything seen previously. We dumped everything but the time-lapse gear and headed back in to capture the castle. However, the only thing I caught was frostbite again, despite consistently walking around this time to maximize body warmth. Why would anyone willingly choose to spend hours taking photos of the same thing?

We then decided to wander around a bit in the city, but neither of us could make a decision about dinner, and so we ended up back near the hotel at the last place we went to - an absolute gem. Best tomato soup and schnitzel ever. If food choice is a competition, I definatley kicked arse with the entree and main decisions, as Cookie spent most of the evening eating my food! Beer was brilliant.

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  1. Cookie! I really have to teach you how to pack light (all though I'm almost as bad as you LOL)