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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 14 - ENG

First full day in London and looking forward to seeing Sarah at lunch. I ventured onto the 'MIND THE GAP' sorry, the tube today. It's quite a big network with tube and 'MIND THE GAP', and overland lines going left right and centre. I brought all my 'MIND THE GAP' camera gear with me as I've decided to get some time-lapse of the Tower Bridge and sunset. Sarah works near Embankment and afterwards I hoofed it to Tower Bridge which was quite a walk (especially with blisters) and no where near as quick as it is in Scotland Yard.

Yes, I pasted my face onto some chav standing
in front of some random bridge

Made it with good time, found a good spot to setup and let it go for two hours. Although I can't compile the video at the moment, looking at the stills and seeing the bridge deck open for a boat tells me that it should look great. Really happy to get off to a good start. After seeing Sarah I'd organised to meet with Kate (another Wivenhoe legend) for a few drinks. As she lives near the Tower Bridge and I would be in the area we agreed to meet in a wine bar under the bridge. Afterwards her boyfriend we went for dinner in an Italian place and I'm confident that Fiona would be glad to hear that I was able to sucessfully ask for the bill in Italian... whilst in England.

Kate's superpower is blinking for any flash, it makes her look drunk

Headed home but arrived later than planned due to track failure at Earl's Court - this is quite normal for the tube. Looking forward to tomorrow as I get to see Julie for the first time since July.

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