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Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 18 - AT

Cookie says...
This mornings mission was to find some big ferris wheel that Julz had read about and I wanted to get to the blue Danube (our family home is Danube Drive). Found the wheel alright... how do you spell tourist trap? And it was in the middle of a theme park that was straight out of the eastern bloc. There were some neat models explaining the history that the wheel and St Stephens (big church in the middle of town) saw including WW2 and invading Turks.

After leaving we found the Danube but it wasn't quite what we expected. Instead of a pleasant river that was blue, it was a fast moving dark mass of water flowing through man made canals.

I've seen cleaner areas in Inala, sorry mum!

We continued our walk into town where we checked out a little more of the city then headed back to the hostel to have a nana nap and get the time-lapse gear.

Mikey, we found a cute outfit for you!

After setting up the computer and camera, we sat chatting, joking and watching the strange looks we and the camera were getting. It was a little cool so it was good to find somewhere for dinner (Wiener Schnitzel and beaf Stroganof - yum). Crashed at the hostel and worked out what we had to do to train it to Salzburg.

Julz says...
Ok, so I admit, the large ferris wheel that overlooked the city was a bit of a dive - but I figured it just re-inforced our view that Vienna really isn't that nice (especially in winter). However, Peter's quest to find the Danube (all bright as beautiful as the waltz claims) was just as uninspiring, so I figure we were pretty even.

We wandered around town for a few hours and then headed back for the camera gear (and a small sleep). Cookie assures me the time-lapses are worth it, but my first experience of one is freezing my butt off outside some whopping great big church getting strange looks from the locals. After the first hour of frostbite, I started asking myself if I was actually insane! Thankfully, we are heading to Salzberg tomorrow, and so we should be able to see what a nice-looking town in Austria is like!

Cookie says it's character building, it's FRICKEN FREEZING!!!

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