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Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 32 - ENG

Not quite as touristy today as others. After leaving Gavin's place later than I'd hoped, I made it to Westminster and setup in Parliament Square (a big traffic island near Parliament that seems to have no legal means of getting onto it). I sat there for 2hrs doing a time-lapse of Clock Tower.

Then I walked around for a while including walking through Chinatown (it seems all cities around the world has one of these). Had some food and hot chocolate near Sarah's work then made my way back to Westminster again.

This time I setup my gear on the opposite side of the Thames looking at Parliament Houses and this time I managed to attract the attention of the constabulary. I had two pairs of officers have a chat to me about taking photos and loitering in a security zone and under Section 44 of the blah blah blah. The first bunch took some details and the second pair were just checking up on me. Had a coupla good chats with them though. One of the offices said how he wanted to come to Australia to visit but was afraid of all the big scary snakes... and he's serving and protecting the public!

Apparently the police were concerned that I was photographing this old building

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