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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 24 - ENG

Cookie says...
The place we stayed in was quaint and by quaint I mean the floor was so lumpy I'd be scared of walking it after a skin full and the shower was a feature. Sarah refers to them as shaths - shower cross bath. Pressure was poor and it was basically a bath with a hand held shower rose. It was the first time I've worked up a sweat showering and turned a five minute process into something closer to twenty.

The 406 was happy to be on the road again

We checked out, had breaky and were on the way to Bourton-on-the-Water. It was a really pretty town and somewhere I know mum would love to stay. The town featured a model town, miniature railroad display, canal filled with ducks and plenty of tourists around the place. Basically we walked around the place, had some fun with the camera, sent random messages to Pilty and had lunch.

These towns have a charm that photos cannot convey


It had soon become time to get the girls to the train so we headed to Moreton-on-Marsh. After some confusion as to whether the trains were running due to track works on this weekend, it was obvious that it was all good. The train arrived and after nine awesome days of hanging out, Julie and I went our separate ways. Julie and Sarah had to work tomorrow however for Brendan and I, Wales was waiting.

We grabbed a pint of local ale to drown our sorrows and then we hit the frog and toad. Caerphilly was the target as there was a decent sized castle there. We didn't see much in the way of accommodation so we headed to Cardiff. We hadn't booked anywhere so were happy when the first place we tried had room. Once checked in we headed to a bar for dinner and the net. Ate, drank and crashed early as we'd had a big day.

Julz says...
I awoke to the mixed sounds of my roomies snoring, and figured that today was going to be an interesting one. After mastering the shower (I had used one for 3 months at my old house), we were out and about. The search was again on for a full english brekky for Cookie, but as with last time, it proved unsuccessful. Maybe this is a sign that England isn't all its cracked up to be...

We checked out and hit the road to Bourton, finding it nice and peaceful. It felt so good just to wander around slowly with no particular destination in mind. The warm sun was a lovely addition to the day, and so tea and scones sitting outside was definately on the menu.

But, all too soon, the time had come for the long journey home. Cookie finally managed to regain some brownie points back after carrying my suitcase from the car to the platform. We said our goodbyes (much to Sarah's disgust), and then us girls found some seats on the train. We ended up being delayed 45mins into London due to signal failure (the joy of all train travel in England), but that meant the train lady was too busy to check our tickets (or lack there-of), so we got off scot free. My journey then continued alone for a few more hours, but after 10 days on the road, I happily walked back into my own house. Did the joyous tasks of washing (I leave for Boston on Thurs) and organising for school (yippee, work tomorrow), and then literally crashed into bed.

Sarah says...

Cookie is right (I know, I am as surprised as the rest of you) – Boughton-on-the-Water was absolutely beautiful. There was a little stream running through and a little high street with lovely shops. It was quite a fine day and it was lovely to sit in the sun (despite the fact that it really is not that strong). After tea and scones (which I think you would agree, the occasion called for) Julie and I headed back to London and we just chatted the whole way back – Julie may have been missing Cookie but she was strong and didn’t show it. Overall it was actually a really nice weekend (despite the fact that our room meant the four of us were literally sleeping on top if each other) and the shath (which I can say was the most painful experience of my life to date). The Cotswolds were so quaint and I loved the villages (also the company was okay I suppose).

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