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Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 15 - ENG

Woot! Seeing Julie today. As with yesterday I watched a little Top Gear in the morning, slept a little more and packed for Austria. Back on the tube meant having to endure more repeated warnings about the gap but made it to Tower Hill where I met Julz. We headed to the hotel to check in. You should have seen this place! The stairs leading up to our room was designed to aid in defending against French, Welsh or Scottish invaders and the pre-fab bathroom which was so narrow that you could touch the back wall of the shower and the wall behind the toilet at the same time!

After meeting Sarah and Gavin we found a place for dinner, had some Ben and Jerry's then went for a drink. Gav and Sarah headed home whilst Julie and I returned to the hotel to get some rest before tomorrows flight.

Austria here we come!

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