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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 30 - ENG

The start of what I'd hope to be a fairly cruisy weekend. Gavin and I headed out to have a bit of a walk around town. Walked through Covent Gardens, explained what Monument station is named after (a monument - shock horror!), saw the Bank of England and other odds and ends like how there's an underground station that is kinda the same station as another but has two names plus an entrance to a disused station just off the Strand.

We made our way to check out St Paul's cathedral and then onto Greenwich via the DLR (docklands light rail) to meet Sarah. Found her, or at least she found us and we had lunch at a Mexican place. After lunch we headed to the observatory to check it out. Looked around it and started to watch a short video of the stars in the planetarium. I say started because after a while, Sarah noticed that my breathing became a little heavier as I'd drifted off.

Sarah wasn't sure if the sign referred to the rock or me

And Sarah thinks my glasses are old!

Afterwards we headed back to Wimbledon, met Sarah's friend Alison and watched Be Kind, Rewind. I grabbed some clothes for Sunday as I was staying at Sarah's so we could get a good start for church the next morning.

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