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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 10 - CA

Big day today. Kicked it off with the ritual bacon and eggs (a boarders staple diet), packed our gear and cleaned the apartment up. Ash and Mel stayed while the remaining six taxied to the town centre and caught the bus back to Van. Typical bus transfer down the hill however I swear that the driver was a real life Manuel and quite the animated character. Pas and Cam were off to get the van as the remaining five of them are heading onto Big White for several days - lucky guys!

Like most of us, Mitch snoozed on the way back

Steve met me at the pickup and headed back to his place with the news that we had a few things to do today. First things first though, it seems that I've developed pregnant womans bladder so emptying it was on my list of priorities. Once that was sorted Steve, Jo and I headed to lunch with friends Jenny and Tim for some dim sum (yum cha) and it was very yummy. Jenny works with Jo and Tim started snowboarding recently.

Afterwards we headed to Brian's place with a bunch of guys to watch the super bowl while Jo headed home. What a game. Yes, the math is odd but four 15 minute quarters really do take over three hours to complete but it was quite enjoyable. Half time entertainment included Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and some egg eating competition for qualification into the world top ten. The winner scoffed 61 eggs in 8 minutes and it was hilarious to hear the commentators talking about the intricacies of eating eggs. One guy nearly puked, I tell you the guys were cheering him on!

We managed to hit the snow for some night skiing as well. After the footy the three of us headed up to Cyprus which is a local hill about 30 mins north of Van. It was a different experience to what we'd been doing up at Whistler but fun none the less and would love to try it with some fresh snow during the day. I even rode the half pipe twice (without stacking it this time) and on my second entry there was some dude near the top of the lift yelling at us in a comical Scandanavian accent that 'de alf piepe iz clozed', 'I can zee you, de alf piepe is clozed!'. I still rode it hahaha.

Cyprus at night

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