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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 31 - ENG

Off to church this morning which was the first time since mid January. Although she's an RE teacher, Alison didn't join us so we met her afterwards. Went to Sarah's church (Holy Trinity Brompton) where (praise and worship trainspotters will know this name) Tim Hughs is a worship leader. He didn't lead today but it was great to experience and I reckon the best part was that the band was quite simple with a single singer and you can hear the congregation singing during the songs. It's in an Anglican church so has two levels and was nice to experience a contemporary service in an old school church building. Nicky Gumbel spoke and it tied in with their vision weekend theme. So mum should be happy cause this is the main mob that's behind the Alpha course. Andy Sercom is involved with theological at training at St Pauls which I think is linked to HTB somehow, I think it might have been a church plant actually.

See, Jedi is a religion! They have a statue of Yoda
hidden under a sheet in the courtyard to prove it!

Alison and Sarah

We caught up Alison afterwards and went for lunch. Also stopped in at some cupcake place called the Hummingbird Cafe which is reputed to have the best cupcakes ever. The girls had one each and I grabbed a huge brownie which was as big and heavy as a bessa block! Sarah wanted to show us Summer Heights High so we watched a few episodes at her place with Alison and one of her flatmates who was a Pom but still found it funny. Not my taste but amusing none the less. Sarah had been talking up this Italian place all week so we went there with another of her flatmates and it was nice.

Made it back to Gavin's and crashed.

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