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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 9 - CA

Last day on Whistler today and Jeff left us to go to San Francisco. Got off to a slower start than I wanted but made up for it. Met Cam, Fi and Pas at Whistler Bowl and had some fun around there. Rode a T-bar for the first time as a boarder and didn't stack it. Used it four times to get to some reasonable powder.

Bumped into Ash and then headed down to the Big Red Express chair. Had some fun with some runs on the way there starting with a steep entry from the peak.

Pas enjoying the terrain

We met some of the others for lunch and then Fi, Pas, Cam and I headed up to Harmony and Symphony for some final runs. Good conditions and not too many people made for a good time until we skiied out.


Fi on her way off the hill

All natural stubbie coolers are popular here

Pre-dinner drinks and nibblies

Fi also left us today and it was Mitch's birthday so we went to a Chinese place for dinner. Mel and Inga headed home and the boys headed to the pub. I left them after a guinness to get some photos of the town. Ten minutes later I get a call and they're singing Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer'... Doh!!! Oh well, I got my shots and they had fun including some snowtime shenanigans on the way home leaving Ash covered in snow.

Things are definately looking up!

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