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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 35 - ENG

Today I turned into a tourist again. After bussing it to Chafford Hundred station and training it to Fenchurch St station, I walked to St Pauls along the northern side of the Thames. Not sure who they were but as I approached a crossing near the cathedral, a police escorted vehicle came through. After I crossed another one came through and I think that as it was the same looking vehicle as before I think they were just the escorts and I missed the middle car or it was the same one and they were lost.

Walked into the cathedral and had a look around. It's the third or fourth church built on that site as the others had burnt down at across the course of history. Unfortunately I couldn't find the access to walk up the dome so I missed out.

Cathedrals all look the same but they are still impressive to look at

I left and was thinking about heading to Lords but I scrapped that in favour of securing tickets for Gavin, Jo and I at the Chelsea v Olympiacos match next Wednesday. Found the ground and while waiting to do a tour of the stadium, I checked out the shop. Plenty of gear there football hooligans would love to own.

What started out as an atheletics track was turned into this

Did the tour of the stadium and managed to get up close and personal with the jerseys the players wear. Apparently Chelsea are undefeated at home in the last 70 odd matches which is a league record. They were spraying the ground so it was off limits to everyone as it might cause an alergic reaction however the tour guide said that being a Liverpool fan, I could roll on the field to my hearts content.

These are jerseys of two of the best players in the EPL

Afterwards I went back into town to Trafalgur Square to scope out a spot for some time-lapse. My lens (with a wider angle lens attatched) wasn't quite wide enough to place it at the foot of Nelsons memorial and still get the full width of the National Gallery so I went for a diagonal angle instead. Started to have a stroll around the gallery and there's some very nice paintings and things in there.

It's a big square which was full of Pommy cricket fans last time I came here

I didn't quite go for as long as I'd hoped as I was meeting Sarah and her sister Bronwyn (currently living in New York) for dinner but I think it still turned out well. Only sucky thing was that smokers seemed drawn to just below where I was positioned. I'd had Italian for lunch and had more Italian for dinner. I'm just thankful that I'm walking around a fair bit at the moment or I'd hav trouble fitting into my seat on the way home. After dinner we saw Bronwyn to where she was staying and headed back to Sarah's.


  1. Cooks mate,

    This is the first time I've visited your blog since last year. I love it! Fantastic photos and am so very jealous of your widescreen lens...

    ps. that Julie is a patient lady, how are you going to keep her if you keep exposing her to frostbite?

  2. Dunno, I gotta work on that :P

    Yeah, some of the photos are turning out alright hey. Mind you, the wide curvy ones are from several photos stuck together. Gonna buy a fisheye in Hong Kong though :)