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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 17 - AT

Cookie says...
Woke early and stepped out into Vienna. First thoughts were that we were in Adelaide as everything was closed. Soon discovered that every second person smokes and spits in the street. Also noted that the base of trees in the streetscape are canine lavatories.

First up we headed towards some palace and walked around it through the big (but devoid of life) gardens however it was still a popular location for the locals and tourists alike. Locals were jogging or hiking (with walking sticks of all things - turns out it's called Nordic hiking) through the grounds and tourists were being tourists doing touristy things on a tour.

Next we made our way back into town via tram and underground (it's a quick small network here) and found a monument to Beethoven that Julie was looking for. We saw a nice, big church in our travels and decided to do a sunset time-lapse tomorrow and then for lunch it was a case of when in Rome so we had beef goulash and sacher sausages. Quite simple meals but very nice.

Time for some time-lapsing!

As with my last European trip it was time for some culture. This time we watched a ten piece band with some dancing and singing which was alright.

Me riding on their tram system

Julz says...
First place to visit today was Schloss Schonbrunn palace, and after walking through the large gardens (albeit not as pretty as in summer), we headed into the centre of town.

A garden palace in winter (very colourful and inspiring hey!)

We were stopped by some local concert ticket sellers, and after examining the selection, we decided to treat ourselves to a classical Vienna concert, featuring all the greats (Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss).

Lunch was in a quaint little cafe with traditional Austrian food and warmth for Cookie (who had discovered rather quickly that he hadn't packed as much warm gear as he should have). Headed home for a snooze (via some big arse random church), and then back in for the concert, which was fantastic. Quality classical musical is not hard to find here, especially when you have only the best musicians from the Vienna symphonic orchestra teamed with fabulous opera singers and ballet dancers. Although Cookie claimed he was only bravely sitting through it for my benefit, I know deep down he enjoyed it and appreciated the cultural experience.

From the concert

Oh, and I didn't realise how stupid Cookie can be! (see 'I am a tram' image inserted above)...

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  1. Cookie - I'm sure you loved the concert...well loved seeing the back of it atleast

    Julz - Yeah, we should've warned you...but then you wouldn't enjoy his antics as much!