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Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 8 - CA - Meet the Crew

(back row) Mitch, Ash, Jeff, Lucas, Cam
(front row) Mel, Pas, Cookie, Inga

Mitch works for Energex in the control room. He started on the lines and has his ticket, has an electrical engineering degree and one in business management as well.

Ash works for a perspex manufacturing company and recently proposed to Mel while in Banff.

Jeff is a government employee. (for security reasons further details cannot be disclosed)

Lucas is a civil engineer working for KBR and was involved with the NSBT planning works.

Cam is a civil engineer with Maunsell and the principal planner of this trip. He is dating Inga.

Mel is an electrical engineer who worked for Maunsell but has since moved to Bassetts. She recently said 'yes' to Ash.

Pas is an environmental engineer with Maunsell and has involvement with the Brisbane second runway prelim design.

Cookie is the principal clown and team nerd.

Inga is a civil engineer working for KBR and is presently working on the Horizon Alliance. Incidently her boss lives nextdoor to Cam's parents in my street and used to be our CEBS leader at St Faiths. She is dating Cam.

The Connections:
Cam, Pas, Jeff and Mitch went to school together at St Paul's (along with Bridgy's famous David Brown). Cam is dating Inga who works with Lucas. Mel worked at Maunsell and is engaged to Ash and I knew Cam from younger years as well as knowing Pas from Maunsell.

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