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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 1 - DE

Cookie says...
I've decided that anyone who doesn't believe zombies exist hasn't flown enough long haul flights in cattle class. The flights went well except that we were late out of Sydney and Singapore. This meant missing connections in Frankfurt for some passengers and an announcement when leaving Singapore that they had removed 1.5 tonnes of gear due to a miscalculation with the fuel load. I'm glad they figured that out when we were on the ground and not 15% from our destination. However, that left us wondering if our luggage was still with us.

We also overcame the quirks of ticketing as on the two long flights, we hadn't been seated together. As for the food, it was alright. In fact, I quite enjoyed the meat filled Vol au Vents we scored on the way to Sydney.

Julie says...
As a child, I always imagined flying around the globe to be one of the most exciting ways to travel. I was always envied my aunts, who seemed to fly everywhere for work. However, after my seventh long-haul flight in five years, the novelty has definately warn off. Flying is just nasty. It's time consuming, uncomfortable, and downright unexciting. Don't believe the ads that make the experience look like the highlight of your travels - they lie!

As for flying lang-haul with Qantas, I was impressed. The food was quite good, the entertainment had a good selection of movies and the staff were very friendly. Make sure you have the hot chocolate the offer as 'supper', it's great. As for Cookie's 'meat filled Vol au Vents', the man needs to get over his obsession with eating pies...

1 comment:

  1. Julie I totally agree that it seems so exciting form the outside to see family members and friends travel around the world. I admit that I haven't traveled enough to get over the flight stage yet... although that could be because the longest flight I have ever done was with you and the crew to Tasmania.

    Glad to hear the hot chocolate was good. And yes - Pete, not every meal has to be meat inside pastry. Try something different for a change.