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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 4 - DE

Cookie says...
Sadly we only had one full day in Berlin. There's soo much more that we'd love to go see and the city is wonderful. U-Bahn in peak hour with backpacks was fun but it worked. Yesterday we asked about reserving seats and were told that it wouldn't be busy but when we hopped on, first class was full. We scored free hot drinks from the first class assistant who tried to help us and then we were off to Hamburg.

Our accom was right across from the station and luckily a room was ready even though we were really early. Time to explore. We ducked into some shops (Julie found a three story shoe shop and was in heaven) and ended up in another Christmas market. These ones were amazing and there's several dotted around the CBD.

Anton (of Maunsell fame) highly recommended the Maritime Museum so we had a look. Anne, I have to warn you that if you and John ever make it to Germany, John could spend a week in this museum. It's a first class museum and has nine floors.

I think Julie is lucky that only the main text is in English so I couldn't read everything. The models on display are truly incredible. Not only are there typical models, there's ones made from wood, plastic, gold, silver, paper, bone, amber and even one with Lego.

We finally managed to find a German restaurant for dinner and it was good. Looking forward to tomorrow - Miniatur Wonderland here we come!

Julie says...
I like Hamburg. The place has a warm feal too it, even though it is only 5 degrees outside. The Christmas markets are great, and all the tradiational German food they sell is fantastic. I could certainly spend a lot of money here buying way too many Christmas decorations.

The Germans sure know how to do a museum. I thought the Jewish one in Berlin was over-done with information but the Maritime museum was incredible. The size and scale of the model ships was unbelievable!

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