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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 9 - FR

Cookie says...
Great breaky today, French bread is le best!

After shooting through, we were on our way to Villers Bretonneux. It's hard to comprehend the context in which these battles and wars are fought, so being here puts things in a different light. It's also a challenge to come to grips with the numbers until you see the headstones, and that they represent someone that had friends, family, desires, interests and knowledge, but also a willingless to fight for their country in a war defending people they hardly knew.

On to the capital of Normandy, Rouen. I've been impressed with Le Chariot so far. It's now done 900km's and only just remembered that we're supposed to fill it with diesel. Rouen has some wonderful old buildings and church with some Christmas markets.

It's also where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. We also walked through a museum dedicated to her. It took longer than expected due to the monotone audio guide we were listening to.

Julie says...
Because it is winter, France is pretty well deserted (of tourists anyway) and so we only had a few others for company at the cemetery. It is overwhelming to see the number of names on the gravestones. And then to see the walls and walls of graveless names is staggering. I feel proud to be an Australian today, knowing that those young men died to protect my country.

Sarah says...
The war sites on this trip really make you so appreciative of the sacrifices that these men made and also realise the extent of our involvement. I feel so grateful to these men and women who died protecting the freedom that I now take for granted.

On a less serious note overflow parking is generally used for peak times but apparenty it is where WE park all the time - go figure.

Pilty says...
I've had awesome weather but since I've met these guys, it's done nothing but rain.

The Joan of Arc monument wasn't as exciting as I hoped; in fact we were standing right in front of it and didn't realise.


  1. Festyland... that sounds like a great place to visit.

    Crepes! Oh man how we love crepes. Please bring some back for us!

  2. Has Pilt put on weight?

    Oh and I very much dislike this confirmation thing every time I comment. Total drag. I wonder what the magical confirmation word will be this time?

  3. No, I shifted some of my weight around!