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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 6 - FR

Cookie says...
Well, the night train was an experience. There wasn't enough room to swing a flea let alone a cat. It was an exercise in contortion to use the bathroom for anything other than using the mirror. That said, it was worth doing and we even snuck in a game of 'Ticket to Ride' (cards version). We woke in France but without the engine and cars that we started with, apparently they ended up in Zurich.

We dropped the bags at Paris Est and headed for a chateau of Louis XIV. Versailles is simply huge.

It's full of ornate rooms filled with paintings, sculptures, gold, marble, mirrors and chandeliers. They even built a retreat to escape the court. I could imagine some massive garden paries in it's grounds. No wonder the people grew sick of the monarchy and ousted them. These days it's basically a museum with many of it's rooms have been returned to a time when the monarch resided there.

Julie says...
The overnight train was cool. The pillow sucked, the bed was vinyl, the shower was weird to operate and the rocking of the train can make you sea-sick... but it was still cool.

Versaille was freezing! The wind chill factor made the temperature well below zero, a brilliant introduction to France. The palace was nice but the grounds would be brilliant in spring / summer (they were lacking leafage).

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