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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 5 - FR

Cookie says...
Today was to be cruiser than the last two days. The only place we wanted to check out was Miniatur Wunderland. It's a miniature train enthusiast's heaven and it's an incredible place. Luckily for us, we virtually had it to ourselves for about half an hour but it didn't take long to fill up. I think we were there for two and a half hours but it could easily have been a day long excursion.

The rain was back, and so we used that as an excuse to visit the Christmas Markets again to replace our broken umbrella. After having some more traditional food and hot chocolate, we went shopping. I picked up a new Germany jersey and Julz went looking for shoes and a shirt for Friday night's outing. I have to say (from a male perspective) shopping is shopping no matter where you are, and women around the world act the same around those sale tables. I did however use it to rest the feet.

We burnt a few hours while waiting to board an overnight train to Paris.

Time to go see how the French do Christmas!

Julie says...
Don't tell Cookie this... but Miniatur Wunderland is very cool. All those trains, scenes, people and lights are pretty incredible. Unfortunately, now comes the issue of Cookie being inspired and wanting a train set of his own... looks like there will have to be both a Lego room and a miniature train room in our house... yay...

As for shopping over here, it's just the same as shopping back home - trawling through shelves to find something that fits. I thought I'd find it easy to buy a pair of boots here, considering the climate. But I seem to have the same problem in every shoe store... big feet. I eventually found a pair that will work.

I am looking forward to the overnight train. Although we probably wont get too much sleep, I think it will be a relaxing way to travel to France.


  1. Not sure how to do all this blog stuff, it asks for accounts etc. So I will leave you to guess.
    Yes, a train room. I could live with that. Built one for me too. As for real trains, QR could do with a few words of advice.

  2. Oh no, it's a giant Julie!!! I could definitely assist with building a train room. By that I mean come and play and construct at your expense. I don't think Bec would appreciate me starting a new hobby.