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Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 7 - FR

Cookie says...
After Pilty met us, we headed to a laundry as we had several days of washing while he had 5 months worth. Sarah had been messed around by her flights and it wasn't until mid afternoon that we met her. We were also trying to coordinate with Cam and his crew so we could meet up with them.

It took a while but we were finally on the way to find them. They'd managed to get a seat in the popular Angelina's (it's world famous and people wait up to an hour for a seat) while we were trying to get to them. They were on the verge of losing a table for us when we arrived. Their hot chocolate borders on liquid chocolate and when coupled with their signature Mont Blanc it's a killer combination.

Before heading out again, we went home via a few tourist hot spots however being winter, they were cold and miserable. The only bonus - no tourists.

Several weeks ago, we'd booked tickets to what Pilty initially called a musical. The queue was only fifty or so people long when we joined and as we had a group of four, we ended up down the front next to the stage with our own table. I even had some of their feather boas dancing on me. I got a few dirty looks from Julz though.

Julie says...
My highlight of today was definitely Angelina's. I went there a few years back with my aunts, sister and cousin and was amazed. I vowed that if I ever returned to Paris, I would experience the place again - and so I'm really glad I convinced everyone else to come along. The hot chocolate is the best ever, and the place never has an empty seat. If you are into your desserts then this is the place to be.

The Moulin Rouge was interesting. I expected more of a 'musical show', with live performances and energetic dancing. However, it was mostly lip-syncing topless girls and men whose sexually is definitely questionable. In saying that, it was entertaining and I'm glad we went (even if it meant Cookie saw way too much - he even made sure he had his driving glasses!).

Pilty says...
I’d been in Paris for several days already and had seen pretty much everything so I navigated my way over to meet up with the Cook's. It’s always great to see people you know and getting to hang out with them for the rest of my trip is a bonus (for them at least). There was only one more thing to check off the ‘Must see in Paris’ list...

We visited Moulin Rouge which was rather under whelming. The novelty wore off rather quickly and the only real entertainment was the comic relief - a juggler (he probably got the biggest round of applause which is saying something), a ventriloquist who wasn't that great at doing what ventriloquists do, and a hand shadow guy who was probably the most entertaining. I nearly fell asleep... but at least I can say I've seen it and will never have to see it again.

Sarah says...
Brendon saw boobies...


  1. Wow, so much to say here:
    1 - I don't think I've ever seen Pilty in so many layers, I half expected to see him getting round in a t-shirt and pluggers saying yeah it's a little fresh.
    2 - I want those second two photos, blown up, framed and stuck on my wall. They're sensational!
    3 - I was about to say where's the photos from inside Moulin Rouge before reading there were topless women. Now I know I'll have to see those in private ;-p
    4 - It's refreshing to see Pilty's outlook and perspective on things. Nothing like a bit of Pilt Perspective to underwhelm an experience.

  2. 1 - They wouldnt fit in my bag. And there was no way i was going to carry them!
    3 - No photos allowed inside... not that that stops people
    4 - Nothing beats an honest assessment