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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 2 - DE

Cookie says...
Frankfurt - the business hub of Germany where it was sub zero and people smoke to keep warm. Fortunately our luggage made it so we were off to catch our first train. After a few faux pas (or whatever the German word is), we had trained it to Hannover and then to Berlin. Now even though we missed the train that we wanted, due to a ripple in the space time continuum we managed to make it to Berlin faster than if we had caught our original train (even though it involved a change of trains and a longer distance) - thank you German precision.

Berlin, the last time I was here it was probably in a flight simulator. How the place has changed! We sorted out how to get to our accom (well, Julz did - I watched the bags while listening to some protesters singling like the Barmey Army). After checking in. showers were in order in an attempt to feel human again and then dinner. Oddly enough, we struggled to find some German food. There was Thai, Yum Cha, Korean, Indian, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Mexikanisch.

Well, fed and exhausted, we hit the hay a few hours after sundown, so that means it was probably about lunch time.

Julie says...
I love German trains. The speed, comfort and silence is just brilliant - nothing like the over-crowded, smoke-filled, noisy trains in Italy (I'll be forever blaming Brooke for that experience). The trip to Berlin started a little hectically but we got there in the end.

The weather is nice and sunny, but I'd fogotten how cold it can be even with four layers on. The mushroom soup at dinner was the higlight of the meal, and just what we needed after a very long day of eating tiny meals from our laps in cramped confines. Daylight, I will miss you... (sunrise at 8am and sunset at 4pm is going to get a little depressing).

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