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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 12 - FR

Cookie says...
Today was about chateaux and wine. We visited Chambord and Chenonceau. Chenonceau was a bit of an odd one. It looks great from the outside and was well furnished inside but some of the paintings were really odd.

Chambord however was very nice. There was a lot of thought put into the layout, the rooms were a good useful size and overall, it's quite a large site. There would be plenty of room for Lego and model trains!

We found an open winery which is a feat in itself. Not only are places closed in winter but places close in general for a few hours around lunch. Whole towns look like Adelaide - closed. We still don't understand how restaurants work as they too close at lunch. The second winery was a Gite (B&B) and the owners invited us into their house to talk wines, travel and wines. It was very generous of them and we soon walked out with some wine.

Julie says...
When you enter a chateau carrying a camera, people would assume you're going to take photos of the architecture, antique furniture or tapestries. However, one lady today would enter each room, ignore all information, signs and make a beeline for the overdone Christmas decorations in that room. If you're going to pay 10 Euro to see the inside of a chateau, whouldn't you at least occasionally look at the building?

Sarah says...
Three highlights of my day;

1. I discovered that Cookie is secretly a Harry Highpants.

2. Brendon likes to touch things instead of looking at them like everyone else.

3. We had the most bizzare wine tasting experience where we sat in someone's lounge room on their sofa while watching firstly, an Austrian movie dubbed in French and then France's Funniest Home Video (which is as lame as our's) whilst tasting wine.

P.S. I would like to also say that for the last few days I have been calling Blois Blah and being "corrected" constantly by Cookie. The owners of the winery informed us that once again I was right with my pronunciation. Sarah 500; Cookie 0

Pilty says...
The alcoholics drove me around today. We saw some big buildings and once I'm married to someone rich and famous, I think I'll buy one.


  1. Its wonderful how Pete and Julie can make their winery trips sound so upper class rather than admitting the truth, that is: they are a walking AA meeting when they travel. Hang on... what am I saying... they are a walking AA meeting when they are at home too!

    Pilty my only advice is that Julie's directions are poor when she is sober so don't listen to any directions she gives once she has had a few. Lucky you have that GPS in the car!!

    And to all 4 of you - home just isn't the same without you all here. Come home!!! Please!!!! We have so many board game nights to catch up on. Sarah, I can see that you have an excuse to not return to Aus just at the moment.. but don't leave it too long before you come and visit.

  2. Firstly it does not surprise me that Pilt has to touch things instead of look. I can hardly blame him, it's much easier to study something and work out the inner most secrets if you actually pick the darn thing up.

    Secondly, I appreciate your maze participation for me. Good to see you're thinking of me still.

  3. Id it's not behind glass, they obviously don't care if people touch it