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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 13 - FR

Cookie says...
It was time to leave Blois today (pronounced Blah) and head across the country. On the way we wanted to hit some more wineries and I had a small detour to make at the tail end of the journey. We made good time and managed to find an open cellar door. Even though 'on ne parle pas Fran├žais' and they didn't speak English, we discovered that alcoholics around the world can still communicate and we walked away with more wine.

The little detour was to a statue of Vercingetorix. If it sounds like an Asterix character then you're close. He featured however he was a historical figure. In fact, he was famous for uniting the Gaulish tribes and defeating Julius Caesar in one battle only to be defeated at Alesia (a location the French say they forgot about and to be honest, it was out in the sticks).

We saw some nice towns and scenery though. There was also a fort reconstruction and a museum but it doesn't open until 2012 so we had a look from a distance.

Finally we made it to Beaune where we checked in and had a quite night to. It's taken us a week but at last we managed to get some cards in.

Julie says...
Today we visted a statue of a guy who lost a war, was captured and paraded around as entertainment, and then ceremoniously beheaded. If this is the French way of celebrating herosim, then it looks like any random Asterix character can get themselves a statue in the middle of nowhere.

Sarah says...
I stood under the statue of Gastonvetorix (or whatever his name is) and saw up his skirt. Apparently, he is insignificant in more ways than one.

The only reason we got some cards in was because Cookie didn't fall asleep the second he walked through the hotel door.

Pilty says...
The alcoholics drove me around again today. We did make an awesome detour due once again to my navigating skills saving the day. I also trekked through muddied clay to get some good photos of the recreated fortress. No idea how these people would’ve travelled without my internet.


  1. laughing laughing laughing.....
    Please stop i need to go to the loo!
    chris Pilt

  2. I would have been hankering to see that fort construction a little closer, that's a bugger.

    Cookie, you mentioned you had a quite night, did you mean quiet? Just to nit pick.

    I like Julie's summary of the dead dude, fast facts and a sarcastic bluntness. My style of story.

    For your own amusement, my last two magic words, carin and averse.