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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 11 - Launceston

Cookie says...
Before we knew it, the final day was upon us and we headed off to another maze. It was conquered and there were other puzzles there to get stuck into.

Mikey tried to give Mim a hand in the maze

Luke and Julz supersized this game

Julz and I had to bail early as we still had something to do. I was thinking that we wouldn't get a chance to do this but we managed to sneak into a Boags brewery tour. I must admit that the first Boags I had wasn't very good so I went for several years thinking that it was overrated (but still better than XXXX). It was pretty good. We walked through a few areas where things happen (or look like they happen because it all happens within silos then we were back to the Boags building where we sampled some beers match with cheese. Checked out the gift shop (it's all about a buck these days) and then into the car to get lunch and out to the airport.

Hmm.... Beer... Boags beer...

We arrived with plenty of time, the others arrived half an hour later with plenty of time. In fact, if we had arrived when the plane was sheduled to have left, we would have had plenty of time. The flight had experienced a few delays, something Mikey's bladder had appreciated. He's now known as Michael Yo-Yo. We sat around playing cards and doing some of this blog. Finally boarded, into the air and after some more cards, we landed home in Brisbane.

That was another wonderful trip so until next time.

Bec says...
Lucky we only had about 3 hours to kill at the airport... otherwise where would Mickey have fit his 15 toilet stops in before we boarded.

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