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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 9 - Bicheno

Cookie says...
As we had a change of plans for checking out Freycinet and Wineglass Bay, we back tracked a bit of a distance.

It seems that car lifting is a past-time that kangaroos
really get into around these parts, especially at night

When we arrived we found out that the Wineglass Bay lookout was closed for an upgrade so while Bec and Luke stayed with the cars, we tramped our way onto the beach. The beach probably wasn't as magical as it looks for afar but it was still wonderful.

No lookout view but this should give you an idea of the spot

Mim and Mikey stayed on for a few more walks while the rest of us headed onto Launceston.

Mikey in the... er... rock room not the green room

On the way there, we found the Bicheno Blowhole (it's more a crevace than a true blowhole) that Mim and Mikey saw in the morning but as it was low tide then, it was pretty boring.

It wasn't doing this when Mim and Mikey found it. A high tide helps

We had a late lunch and were back on the road again. Mim let us know where they were and after another hour or so and in true Top Gear form (actually, this was legit and not the typical staged Top Gear scenario), we met up with the others just minutes from the town. In fact, Luke thought we had so much spare time that we did a lap of a round about and that allowed the Rodda's to sneak in front. Thanks to the Roddas GPS pretending to be Tasmanian and giving them the bum steer, we arrived first.

Once again we checked into the same place we stayed the first night and then headed out for dinner. Italian was the cusine of choice and after two courses, we were heading to a surprise location.

On the way to dinner, I wasn't complaining

Bec had wanted to treat Luke to a round of putt putt and it turned into a six person affair.

Bec lighting it up on the putting green

Mim making up for her wedding day

It was fun, naturally Luke won and after dessert in a food mall, we headed home. We were keen on a late night of games but we piked on ourselves and hit the hay.

Bec says...
Tell the truth Pete... we didn't pike on ourselves - you had a unique way of clearing us out of the motel room (something that can only be matched by Mikey). My caution warning to you for next time: that kind of gas is flammable you know, and you almost cleared your wife out of the room with us!

Cookie says...
Be that as it may but I wasn't the worst offender. Someone ignored the confined space rule and cleared out a car at some point and a few of us had tender noses for the rest of the trip!

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