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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 10 - Launceston

Cookie says...
Last time Mim and Mikey missed the cooked breaky but made up for it this morning. For Mikey, Bec and Luke, it was a day in while Julz, Mim and I made for the wine trail.

Mikey wonders why you can take him anywhere but out

The Tamar region has quite a few wineries however being winter, a lot of them are closed. Fortunately the main ones we were interested in were open.

It's not a wombat but Mim enjoyed another
opportunity to mingle with animals

Long live the good old days. Plus, Maunsell must be doing
something right because this bridge still stands

We stopped in the 'township' of Pipers Brook for lunch which was yummy. I say 'township' because if you blink, you would miss it.

Yup... that's all of Pipers Brook

Between the three of us, we snagged over two cases worth so we had the last venue (Pipers Brook) send them on for us.

Another town competing in the lameness stakes

Upon returning we cracked out some cheese and bread we sourced and it turns out that the others basically played games all day. Sadly, I had one more thing I wanted to do here and that was a Boag's brewery tour however when we rang to book, the first tour was full and the second tour was later than desirable for our timing for tomorrow. Oh well... next time. Thai was on the cards for the Roddas and the Cooks while the A-A's had chicken. Afterwards the games continued until the State of Origin aired when Julz and I glued ourselves to the TV. It was a success and the right result for Lockyer's final Origin but at the cost of a season ending injury for Thurston.

The games finished, I blogged and it was lights out.

Bec says...
A day indoors, relaxing, watching movies and playing board games was just what I needed. After I smashed the boys in some Citadels, I regret to report that my efforts in Ticket To Ride and Settlers of Catan leave something to be desired.

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