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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 8 - Bicheno

Cookie says...
After last nights ghost tour, I had wondered if we'd be visited in the night but no. In fact, I was almost surprised considering we woke to find that the Comfort Inn virtually looks over the site. After breaky we headed back to it to investigate it.

Port Arthur has some wonderful buildings like this church

It's a pretty good place to visit. Clearly it had quite a lot history and involvement with the penal side of things even if it only operated as such for 40 odd years.

A wing of the Seperate Prison.
Jail these days would be a walk in the park in comparrison

We did the harbour cruise but didn't step onto the Isle of the Dead, next time. Some of the buildings are in great condition but some were lost to bushfires with the church accidently burning down.

I might suggest this layout to Nathan for the hall expansion

Mikey still struggles to take good photos

It was time to hit the road again so we fanged it to Bicheno. We arrived here quicker than expected which allowed us to break out Settlers again. This time I won in a neck and neck game where I pipped Luke at the post. Time for dinner so it was off to the Diamond Island Resort. The food was okay and they showed us down to the beach to look for penguins. We found some, it was pretty poor conditions so we headed back to base and played some six handed 500 followed by Up and Down the River.

This fella was a bit shy about appearing in the blog

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