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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 8 - NZ

Cookie says...
Couldn't have asked for a nicer day for playing in the snow. Gurti decided to have a quiet one in so the boys went back up Remarks. Filled up at the Shell to find some guy had parked his car on the wrong side of the bowser. At some stage he had his foot on the car to help pull the hose closer to the car.

I call this: The Stubborness of Man

We arrived there 90 mins after first lift and we still managed to end up in the third line of cars in the second carpark. If we'd been on time we'd have had the hill to ourselves! We spent the day hanging around the Sugar Bowl lift doing a bunch of runs. Beno and Morgs had fun with the easier stuff while I enjoyed some quick ones.

Morgs motoring along

Here's a man on a mission... or a snowboard at least

I met up with them and had a crack at a jump a few times. I wanted to take it easy and five metres before the kicker on the first go 'What am I doing?' ran through my head.. I ended up getting more air than what I did after spending a day at the jumps last year.

Had to change my snowpants after this leap

We finished up with last lift, bailed and gave a hitcher a ride home. We found Gurti where we left her, in front of the TV. But she had been a busy body. Showers were in order and then we left for dinner.

The Cow was the destination and we were absolutely full afterwards.

The bar is a busy part of The Cow

Once again their bread didn't disappoint. We retreated to the batcave where we watched a 'quality' Segal movie before crashing for the night.

The Cow's bread is the bomb!

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