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Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 1 - NZ

Quote of the day
"The first time I spooned a guy..." - Morgan

Cookie says...
The crew stayed at my place last night and we woke to the tune of Cotton Eye Joe courtesy of Morgan's alarm. Before we knew it, we'd packed, jumped into a maxi-taxi and were queuing up for check-in.

Three hours later and we had arrived in the centre of the known adventure universe. The car was ready to be picked up but I'm not sure we were ready for it. We thought Karis had left a surprise for us as it smelt like a babies nappy! We found The Whistler and we have ended up with two linked adjacent rooms.

The all important coin toss to determine who slept where

Ben and Gurti needed boards so we headed off for a quick walk around town and then found a rental place for them. After dropping the boards back at the fort and a quick shop for breaky we were off for dinner at the Beefeater. Mikey and I ate at here a few years ago and I noticed that the wagu I ordered then was no longer available. I didn't think too much of my rump (my meal that is) but Morgan rated his feed quite highly. I think Ben and Kylie felt a little let down by the place too.

I think I'll be needing their expertise soon!

Mikey, I have found you another outfit!

Gurti says...
Baaaaa..... Ok so Captain Cookie-Time has warned me I must keep this short and sweet. So here goes my attempt at both of those.
Sleep last night at Cookies = so comfy yet so short (thanks guys for the chivalry...and sorry you missed out on a good nights sleep)
Cab ride to airport= note to self...always wear a seatbelt because you never know when the attentive indian cab driver is going to pull up all sudden like
Plane food = Who calls a bowl of beans a salad anyway?
Company on the flight = Sat next to some random who thought my shoulder was comfy enough to be a pillow
Landing = smooth as...I hope the pilot gets paid well
First thought of Queenstown = 'i cant believe its taken 5years to get me here.....its so gorgeous and so not cold!!'
Rental car = 2 words ... Subaru...Nappies!
Accomodation = GOOD WORK COOKIE!!!
Dinner = here come the kilos
Excitement level for hitting the slopes for the firt time = um ...a little scared.....BUT TOTALLY EXCITED!!!
homesickmeter = nil

Funnily enough, I found a zoo for models

Morgs says...
Today has been a bit of a nothing day really. After a rotten night's sleep at Captain Cookie's where, due to my stubbornness I slept under a beanbag for warmth, we woke at sparrow's fart and choofed off to the airport. The flight was uneventful (for everyone else at least, I snapped awake at one point certain I was drooling and snoring loudly - I wasn't yeow!) and we arrive in Queenstown to see the sun and uninterrupted expanses of white snow at the Remarkables and Coronet (very psyched for tomoz!). After a few coin tosses Cookie and I have the pleasure of sleeping together in the same room, with Gurti and Beno sharing the other. Excellentily (?) we can open a door between the two rooms and have a shared living space.

There's really not too much else to report (I had a fillet stuffed with fetta and sun-dried tomatoes for dinner, freakin' brilliant) but I imagine that will be short-lived, as we head up to Coronet tomoz to begin our adventures. Never fear folks at home, you won't miss any of the epic stacks, as we have three vid cameras and two gun photogs, so you'll get to see all the tears in stunning quality soon.

Until then though, peace out!!

1 comment:

  1. Mikey here,

    I love the outfits you found me Cookie. Can you get me the one in the middle with the dangly undies, the ties and awesome looking helmet.

    No pressure Cookie but our friendship is riding on whether you get me that outfit or not ...