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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 12 - NZ

Cookie says...

Well, as they (who are 'they' anyway?) say; all good things come to an end. As with most trips, the last day is more a commuting process than anything. We woke, packed, checked out and headed to the airport where we had breakfast and waited for our flight.

Once onboard and in the air I couldn't help but try something. In the last few years there has been a question floating around the internet that has caused more forum closures, banned users and internet outages than the number of people who died from the black death in the middle ages. The origin is rumored to have been in an aeronautical engineering exam and is simply a question about whether a plan will take off or not. So I figured now was as good a time as any to send this question to the pilots as they are experts and surely have nothing better to do other than play cards and snooze whilst the autopilot does their dirty work.

I think some 'turbulance' was really a cockpit disturbance
while the pilots 'discussed' this question

Ten minutes later the air hostess returned with the question and said that the pilots agree that the plane would not take off. This was concerning as this was the wrong answer and I was on their plane. I think that the navigator was actually right but the pilot who figured that the navigator was wrong because it's his job to navigate the plane and not fly the plane so he pulled rank on him.

In reality, it's a trick question because the wheels and runway don't have any inpact on what the plane is doing because the engines push against the air to propel the plane forward and ultimately into the air once lift is generated at the wings.

I also discovered that while it nominally takes three hours to fly from Queenstown to Brisbane, it is also the amount of time it takes to educate 150 passengers on aviation theory and how I am right and the experts are not.

Sadly Gurti's, friend's, partner didn't make it through customs

Back to the commuting and we landed, picked up our gear, headed to my place and then I dropped people hoome.

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