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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 7 - NZ

Cookie says...
Another day off the slopes. Beno and Morgs were keen on trying the trout fishing. Originally they'd found some dude who was offering a full day for 800+ bucks who was also wondering why he wasn't getting many calls. They found someone else who'd do it for half that and went with him. Gurti and I weren't too interested so we headed out and around to Glenorchy instead.

It's a neat drive out there following the lakes edge. We passed three cyclists who seemed to be on their way Glenorchy. It's a sleepy town with one main street. When we arrived we popped down to the wharf (a jetty) for a few photos and then found somewhere to eat. Originally I had envisiged a pub lunch but we ended up in a cafe. They took their time to bring out Gurti's BLAT and my steak sandwich but it was worth it. Probably the best steak sandwhich (including a 250g bit of steak) I have ever had.

This is basically the town... it's huge!

Beno called to say they were home from their fly fishing trip and we were on our way back. Passed the cyclists again who had arrived and I think were so hungry after their ride that they'd consumed one rider as there were two left. Once back at the camp, we were about to play some cards when we decided to ride the shotover jet. They had room so we suited up and made tracks... or wakes I guess. Beno and I had done it before but it was new Morgs and Gurti. As always, it's a good fun ride but I still think it's funny to pay someone to spray freezing water into your face and pretend to crash into the sharp rock walls at every second turn.

Dan... it's a sign...

I spoke to Dave to get his thoughts on heli boarding and the current conditions. It was neat to hear while we're enjoying the snow, he's enjoying the surf up north. Dinner was Thai which was so-so, followed by the net and then bed time.

Gurti says...
Today was quite enjoyable and meant that I wasnt adding to the pile of bruises all over my body. As Cookie said we headed off on a road trip to Glenorchy and had a bit of a look around. I enjoyed taking a few shots cuz there hasnt been many other opportunities to take some decent photos.Maybe i'll have my chance when I move over here next year.. Our tummies started to grumble so we headed off to the main street for some lunch. After sussing a few places out we ended up at this little cafe. My thoughts whilst after ordering lead to "Hmmmm, if this food is crap its going to end my run of impressive New Zealand cuisine" but sure enough it was amazing and I left quite impressed with my fat BLAT. The drive to and from Glenorchy was gorgeous, a little like the road trip Mum and I took up in Cairns this time last year, but Id have to say this was a little more salubrious.

The shotover jet was great. I did expect it to be a little more heart pumping scary but that may have been because our driver had only been there for 3 years or so. My tail bone only gave me grief once during a 360, as it did earlier on in the day when I got Cookie to take a jumping pic of me...I didnt even get 5cms off the ground....hmmm..not looking good for work next week.

So after we got a little soaked we headed off to favourite THAI FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I wasnt really hungry after lunch it went down gradually. The boys got sick of me complaining about the snowboard id seem 30 mins earlier.....Cookie wouldnt let me get it, Beno wasnt too keen either but good old Morgs was on my side. But no, I still didnt get it :(

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