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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 6 - NZ

Cookie says...
Late rise today. Morgan did his own thing (probably sleeping again) while the rest of us were half-day Harry's as we didn't make it onto the snow until after 12. Tried Remarks today for a change. The winter games had some events on there so the big jumps were busy but where they usually have three smaller kickers back to back, they had one and park stuff after that. Not to worry, Gurti pulled out the camera and snapped a few of me going over a small jump that was being smashed by others mucking around on it.

Gurti completed two back to back runs down the main green one with I think a total of three tumbles. It looks as though she's becoming more comfortable on her feet and was linking some turns and sliding 360's. Ben had headed up a second lift and was doing his own thing. He met up with me and we headed back up to where he was and he's progressing well too. Yesterday he bought a helmet and now he looks like a Lego man!

Is this guy SAS or something?

The plan was to finish up at 4 and head to Coronet for some night skiing before meeting up with Tim's crew at the Minus 5 bar but we figured we'd be short on time, especially seeing as though we need to sneak dinner in there somewhere. We left the field and once showered, we tried our luck at Winnies. Three pizzas, drinks and a game of pool later, we were feeling quite full and left for the ice bar.

Gurti pretending to be a bit of a pool shark
(she sank that shot and saved us from a pants down a few nights later)

When I was here a few years ago and staying with Gus, he warned me how it was a bit of a tourist trap. It is and it was a bit novel but when you're hanging out with friends, it doesn't really matter. Tim and Trish met us there however Henri and his girl had piked (soft I tell ya!). Tim and Trish and two cocktails while our group had flavoured vodka shots (mine was chilli) and a cocktail (I had yellow snow) which was yum.

I slipped on the ice and this is what I saw

They only allow 30 min bookings so after we had been ousted, we checked out another bar. They had NRL playing which was followed by AU vs NZ in the rugby while we sat around swapping stories of our exploits and travel tales. Trish bought us a round of Yagar bombs which proved popular however a few of us were getting a bit tired. We parted company and headed home for some rest.

The crew got sick of my driving and found another mode of transport

Gurti says...
Did I mention this place was amazing already?! There is so much to write about seeing as though this is my first entry in a few days but I'll just punch out some highlights. Taking the gondola up the mountain to our buffet dinnert the other night was fantastic. I realised that Im not such a fan of heights afterall and when the boys started to rock the gondola i nearly had a heart attack. The view from up there was so gorgeous but didnt last long as we had headed up late arvo. Seeing Cookie laugh so hard that he started crying was pretty memorable on that evening also.

Although im a bit of a softy on the slopes I have been making accomplishments everyday. It doesnt help when every bone and muscle in your body is aching and your knees are the colour of a rainbow. But I have managed to take the lift up with complete strangers.... yes it was an accident, managed to do one run with only one small stack, starting to link turns and do a few 360's, starting to master the art of falling gracefully and entering/exiting the lifts is not as scary as it used to be.

Slopes all to myself, yeah!

The drive up to the Remarkables yesterday was scary as anything but on the same token it was pretty exciting and breath taking.I think I prefer it to Coronet Peak although I have found my little prayer mountain there:) I got to pull out cookies camera on the slopes yesterday and take a few shots of him hitting a jump..and felt like i was in my element. I could have stayed there all day!!!!

The food has been amazing, Cookie really does know the good joints to eat out at but my plans of sheading some kgs on this trip is so not happening. I havent eaten so much pizza, chips and burgers in my life!

Today is just going to be a lazy one. I wouldnt mind going for a bit of a road trip like the other day to Cardrona and taking a few snaps cuz when you are driving at 100km an hour, it really doesnt make for a good photo.

5 more days to go....and I really dont want to come home....

Hey guys, how bout a game of cards tonight?

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