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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 3 - NZ

Quote of the Day
"I love this bottle, it's my new best friend" - Gurti

Cookie says...
Well... we have a first for the blog and one of my trips: a proper injury. Previously Mikey and John had sore bums but not so in this case, more about that later. Back up Coronet yesterday and no new snow but an awesome clear day. The four of us made it to the top and we set off.

Just lazing about in the sun

I cracked out the helmet cam and pretended I was Chris Patterson (director of photography for Warren Miller movies).

Okay, once a nerd, always a nerd...

Gurti slowly made her way down and was adding more bruising to her knees, Beno was doing alright but still adding bruises to his bum and Morgs was trying to break the land speed record. When I caught up with Morgs, I found him lying down with his head pointing downhill.

Morgan attention seeking... medically

Once the others had found us at the bottom, Gurti sat out for a bit while the three of us checked out Greengates side of the hill. There's some good terrain over there but as with the rest of the mountain, it's crusty and icy between runs were no one is going. I hit the jumps with success and they were better than what they had last year.

We met up with Gurti and Beno and Morgs went to check out his bum (I don't want to know!). Morgan ended heading to the first aid patrol hut and scored a free ambulance ride down the hill. Three hours later when we picked him up with his new broken back.

As with last year we booked in for the banquet up at Skyline and it proved to be a hit. I think we all consumed enough food to survive the rest of the winter.

Before and after the banquet


  1. So what injury happened to who? I didn't think your blog made it very clear Cookie. :-)

    Morgan has a broken back?

    From Brendan Greenhalgh
    (despite the weird email address)

  2. Yes, Greenie... Morgan broke his back and that's exactly what the blog says ;-)