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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Queenstown '09

Okay people, here's the lowdown...

Queenstown + four hills * 12 days = one hell ova trip

That's mathematical music to my ears! Housemate Ben, Morgan and Kylie are coming this year. What's that you say? Kylie? Yes... believe it or not... it might have taken me four years to do it but she is coming.

Once again it's the tried and tested formula. Fly to QT, pick the hills and have some fun. This will be the longest ski trip to date so a big test for this aging and broken body. The extended time also means that the planets have aligned and it overlaps with two different groups from work (Brooksie's and Major's) who will be in QT at the same time as us and in different weeks.

Brilliant lead up to the season, 110cm base at Remarks as of late May. I just hope it stays and lets the good times roll!


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