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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 9 - NZ

Cookie says...
I decided to have a rest day so that I wasn't worn out for heli tomorrow. Morgs and Beno however are keen on getting to Remarks. It was raining in town which was equating to snow up top. We drove them to the top and then started driving them down again. They'd packed their boards, snow gear and skirts. They wanted to pull the pin. So we started driving down again and all of a sudden I started feeling like a yo-yo because they changed their mind. Beno was whinging about the cold and snow but I told them they will enjoy themselves and we left them behind.

Gurti and I made tracks fo Arrowtown again. We had a bit of a walk around and had lunch at the bakery. Did some more walking and then headed back to our apartments.

Gurti with some light reading on the throne

Gurti slept on the couch for a few hours and I did some nerd stuff and a little random time-lapse. I got the call for the pickup and I asked them to bus it down the hill. I'd already driven up and down it once today but also, it sucks going against the traffic on that road. We met them at the base and took them home. Morg's then tells us how two chicks had noticed him on the bus. We thought cool, he might get on the tune but it turned out that one was medical chick from Coronet who looked after him when he hurt himself and the other was the chick from the hospital that wrote up that he shouldn't do anything active for 6 weeks and then start rehab.

After showering and stuff, we decided to sort out some shorts and hoodies we had talked about everyday since arriving. This time we actually finalised the design and lodged the order. They'll be right to pick up on the Thursday before we leave. While the guys were sorting out the details, I popped into see the heli dudes. Sadly, with the weather turning for the worse, they don't expect to be flying until after the weekend. GUTTED!!! As it was, the Monday was epic and I missed out on a seat because I didn't take a seat straight away on the Sunday but at that time, they felt there was a window for Wednesday. I was soo ticked off with myself. TWIT! Oh well, I'll make up for it next year somehow.

It was dinner time and we made our way to The Britannia. It was great. The inside of the building is decked (excuse the pun haha) out like you're on an English vessel. I ordered too much but being a Taurean, I stubbournly ate my way though my plates and went up a notch on my belt. Great food though.

Back to grand central where I wanted to drown my sorrows in ice cream and we called it a night.

How am I expected to drown my sorrows if
there's only one spoonful of ice cream left?

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