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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 10 - NZ

Cookie says...
First things first. It's Morgan's birthday today so to make sure he didn't feel left out (and knowing he loves making a big deal of his birthday), Gurti had acquired some party hats and some party poppers and he woke to the tune of the three of us serenading him with Happy Birthday.

Wake up old man!

Finally made it to Cardrona today although it wouldn't have been our first choice. Remarks was closed and we'd been to Coronet enough already so we went with Cardies. When we arrived we were nearly blown off the hill it was soo windy. Gale force winds smashed us for a few hours, no wonder heli operations were on hold. I checked out Captains Basin to see if it was protected from the wind but that was a big negative. Nowhere was safe. It was so windy that the resort was offering half day prices from the start of the day.

A windy, windy Cardrona. The photo doesn't really convey the amount of wind

The wind didn't stop the pipe finals for the Winter Games. We stopped doing out thang to watch the best of the best do their thang. No surprise that Shaun White took out the mens but there were some awesome displays of spins and air time. Managed to snap a few good pics and video. I was inspired and tried my hand at the pipe. I officially suck. Had a bit of fun though.

This guy is a 'little' better than me

We watched the presentation at the end and we almost got a photo of Shaun White with our crew. I say almost because while we deliberated about whether we should or shouldn't ask him, everyone else had asked and got the photo they wanted and by the time we decided what we were going to do, he had been ushered off elsewhere. Such a decisive bunch we are!

Shawn White: Snowboard Legend

A few days ago we got talking to some bird on a chairlift. Turned out she worked at a restaurant in town called Flame so we decided we'd check it out. Another big feed and another big bill. Going to have to address both those outcomes when we return.

Gurti is a steak and rib eating machine...
actually us guys finished her plate off : )

Good dinner and afterwards we turned into geeks and went to the interweb joint. Not as geeky as some though. We were kicked off to use other machines so some nerds could play games together. Nerds are so funny, they start gaming in a public internet place and seem to forget that others are around and carry on like... well... nerds. Must be their lack of social skills / etiquette which have been replace with the knowledge of what spells to use on what enemy or what abilities they should give their character.

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