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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2 - NZ

Quote of the Day
"I'm so jetlagged" - Beno

Cookie says......
First morning here and time to get down to business. Coronet was the venue where we hung out on the beginner slopes so we could warm uo. Morgs found his feet, Beno found the ground and Gurti found out why this place is called Concrete Peak. Gurti got talking to a photog who then took a swag of photos of us which as good tourists, we bought some.

The Team

Morgs and Beno were keen for some steeper stuff so while Gurti had a break (sore toosh). Gurti joined us for the next run and she made her way down with Beno while Morgs and I fanged it down and caught up with them again.

Ben had everyone ducking for cover
(look at the kid in the background)

The clouds closed in and we called it a day which one of my feet appreciated which I think might have been due to new boots (although Julie would say old age). I could barely walk afterwards which is quite concerning seeing as though this was the first day.

Morgs and Gurti cooked up some good spag bog and we had a quiet night in.

Gurti says......
Well apart from my butt being a little sore and getting a knock to the head I feel quite good about the first day... Im starting to realise Im more of a girl than i have thought....or should i say chicken??. I kinda spent most of the day on my butt and knees but im so glad the guys encouraged me to head up the very top of the mountain to do at least one decent run. Although it wasnt a clean run without any spills, im pretty happy with the fact i didnt stack it coming off the lift and that i actually made it down to the bottom in one piece.
The scenery is amazing here, its so gorgeous! I really am going to dread leaving, I think I should have chatted up the photographers a bit more
Anyway, retirement here would be bliss although i dont think grannies are into skydiving and stuff....oh hang on...sorry mum :)
Looking forward to tomorrow and adding more bruises to the body.
Hope all is well back home.

Decisions, decisions...
do I fall on my butt, face or knees?

Morgs says......
Today was a good day, however at the start I was a bit worried. I didn't pick it back up as quickly as anticipated, but wonderfully I picked up pretty quickly, literally! I ended up falling head over heels for a girl today, but all she did was scream... No, I 'hit' a skiier. Or didn't hit her, thanks to my evasion techniques. I ended up launching over her skies and landing directly on my precious lungs. To the other guys though, Captain Cookie is a gun, only had two stacks all day, but Gurti takes the cake with her ass/head combo hit. Beno has had some good stacks and is hitting it hard. Of the 4 of us, 3 have pulled up lame, with Beno and his unco ankle remaining unscathed. We (Gurti and I) cooked dinner up tonight, and the plans are to head back up to Coronet tomoz to do it all over again. I think Captain Cookie is taking his vid camera tomoz, so I will take mine and we should have some good footage. The others are reluctant but I'm confident by the end of tomoz we will all be pulling sick airs and hitting the terrain park.

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  1. Conditions are looking fantastic over there cookie! Looking forward to joining you in Queenstown in 4 days. Cheers, Andrew