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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 2 - NZ

Mikey says...
Wow soo much has happened since we last posted.
Forgot to mention that our room was upgraded to a lake facing unit instead of the backside of a hill. So shibby!

Hmm... watched quality NZ TV last night which included a moving and well scripted Van Dam film. Wow, I know I'll never be the same again. Watched X-treme 4 x 4 which my uncle hosts! Wont be writing rave reviews but I know big lukey would've loved it, and too me that enough (sniff sniff).
Right, snow stuff!

Set alarm for 6:15. Got up at 6:35, new record for me.

Headed off to the Remarkables (named after Pilty) and got there nice and early so we didn't have any traffic or parking probs.

Cookie show me the basics on the learner incline and I did feel like a bit of an idiot cause we were the only ones boarding and it felt like everyone was looking at me. But I'm used to people not being able to take their eyes off me.

After 'mastering' the basics Cookie went off to the fully shic stuff.

The kiddie slope was fun but then the lessons started and you had to dodge heaps of people. Didn't hit anyone (down here...) but did manage to save a baby from a burning building.
After lunch I went to the real slopes.

Cookie went down with me for the first few but I kinda ran into him. Luckily we were both unscathed (phew). After that I just kept going down the same slope. Stacked it many times, (mostly just off the ski lifts!) one very painfully on my butt.

Found out that I'm more comfortable in goofy stance so will have to change set up of board as is set up for natural foot.

But having said that, I'm up and sliding and having fun so far.

Lessons Learnt
  • Don't run into people

  • Don't watch Van Dam films
Mikey Out

Cookie says...
Okay, my turn : )

Yup, got Mikey up and sliding and he's had fun so far. Bluebird day to begin with which made for some very quick runs. Managed to smash myself on one of the quickest and the helmet has paid for itself already. The day closed in after lunch and the flat lighting palyed hovoc with the visibility of edges and stuff you want to avoid.

Chatted to a few people but quickly discovered they're all from Australia... including the ones with Kiwi accents!

And Mikey has come out of the closet... he's Goofy!

Lessons Learnt

  • Don't board downhill from Mikey, he will hit you

  • You won't find natives on these ski fields, they all moved to Australia

  • One piece suits do not look good, especially if you're male and it's canary yellow

  • Glad I bought a helmet

  • Mikey's uncle actually hosts a TV show

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  1. Did you see the flag I left there? It was a remarkable sight!