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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 6 - NZ

Mikey says...
Back at Cardrona today. Getting harder and harder to get up in the morning!

Warmed up on the easy slopes then I tried one of the faster ones. Was going alright. Then I got off the lift. Thats when it got painful. Landed heavily on my buttocks. Was feeling very tender, and my butt wasn't too good either. But no! I must soldier on! So back I went up the lift. Very comfortable lift this one, padded seats, very nice on the old tush. But I stacked it again (there were a couple of successful runs in between though) and of course landed on my rump. OUCH!

Went for a break in the cafe at about 1pm and read my harry potter book.

Left about 3pm and then realised I had no idea what I did with my gloves. Suspect they're still up at Cardrona car park, or up at the big snow store in the sky.

On a side note. There was a guy who was hurt pretty bad yesterday up at the top of the lifts. A lifty told me he fractured one of the vertebrae in his neck. And that was just getting off the lift. Don't think his friends will ever let him live that one down.

Lessons Learnt

  • Wear underpants made out of bubblewrap

  • Take gloves off IN the car

Mikey Out

Cookie says...
Second day at Cardrona and another bluebird special. Wind picked up later which actually blew people around like a donut. Funniest thing we saw today was a kid who came rushing into the base buildings kicking his skis off, throwing his poles down and then screaming 'I'm busting!!!' and made a B line for the loos.

Bumped into the Kenmore crew again today so while Mikey was busy tenderising his rump, we cruised the other runs. Took them out to Captains Basin which they loved, plenty of room to go wide and long. Moguls didn't stop us either. We're meeting up with them later tonight for some pool and beer.

No bizzare parking attempts on the way down however we did see some tourists taking photos of a fire truck leaving QT in a hurry... because they don't have them in Japan?

Lessons Learnt
  • I can do two things at once (go fast down a slope while videoing the experience)

  • Buy Mikey gloves with a leash attatched to his neck

  • Buy shares in bubblewrap undies


  1. Put some videos up!
    I hear that is an option now ;)

  2. I've got videos that are 300+ meg (gotta hate motion JPEG videos!)... uploading that from an internet cafe is not an option. Besides, I need to flip them 180 degrees because I held the camera upside down.