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Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 5 - NZ

Mikey says...
At Cardrona today. About an hour drive from our hotel. First run was painfull as i landed on my butt right under the ski lifts. Right cheek was reasonably tender for the rest of the day. After that though i was cutting sic! Well I think I was anyway.

After getting my confidence up I tried a more challenging slope with a few humps and bumps in it. I mean it can't be that hard, I'd seen all the kids do it as I was going up the lift. Result: Multiple stacks and ego shattered.

Returned to easier slope where I was a lot more comfortable and confident. Maybe a bit too confident. Here's the result of me taking a turn harder than what I should've...

Going, going... gone...

On the way down we saw japanese drifting gone wrong.
It was fun to take photos of the japanese and beat them at their own game!

Lessons Learnt
  • Don't drift down unpaved roads

Mikey Out

Cookie says...

It's a hard life waking up to this view each morning but someone has to do it!

Change of venue today (and underwear), Cardrona here we come. It was a refreshing change (both - refer first sentence). Picked up Adrian on the way along with some breakfast (bacon and egg quiche and a croissant). Made good time to get there and started the green run with Mikey before Adrian and I headed over to the runs hanging off White Star Express. Had several very quick runs and we were loving it. The boarder cross track is good fun, unless you're Mikey. Made a few passes at the jumps in terrain park then headed over the backside to Captains Basin.

After a black diamond run complete with a boarders worst enemy (moguls - large snow mounds designed for skiers) and a few other quick runs we headed back to White Star et el. Stopped for lunch along with the other half of the snowriders and headed out for some photos.

Mikey is concentration personified

I found some chewing gum under my board and tried to remove it

Bumped into the Kenmore crew at Fergburger tonight. Might see them at Cardies tomorrow.

Lessons Learnt
  • Avoid getting ice on your camera

  • Mikey is going faster than before which makes it hard to get photos of him, especially when he didn't understand the concept of leap frog photography (photographer gets in place and subject makes a pass - repeate this process several times)

  • Adrian is a better photographer than Mikey

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