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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 6 - NZ - Meet the Kenmore Crew


We first saw them at the airport after we landed at Christchurch and as a couple of them were familiar, we thought we'd say hi. Introducing; Lee (Occupational Therapist), Tim (Freelance Photographer), Scott (Event Management) and Anna (I'm sorry, Anna, I don't yet know what you do).

Useless bit of trivia. Tim and Lee know a guy I started TAFE with back in the summer of 69' (I know, some of you would be quick to believe that I really am that old) I mean, '95. He was one of their youth leaders and now is a youth pastor down the coast.

This isn't their first time on the snow and are enjoying being back pushing white stuff down a hill.

Some more trivia. Lee was a member of the band Opposite Lock. We had them perform for the youth group a few months back and played there that night. He has since left the band.

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