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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 3 - NZ

Mikey says...
Experienced -4 temperatures today. Didn't freeze my balls off but it was close. Frustrating and good day on the slopes (oh actually only one slope for me) today. Frustrating cause I was struggling to get my turns going but great when I finally got it!

Cheap day for me as I was on the kiddie slopes all day today
and didn't have to buy a lift ticket ... technically ... ;-)

Went to Fergburger and got the Codfather.
I was surprised it lived up to its name.

Thats about it from me except of course for...

Lessons Learnt
  • Don't let Cookie have the keys to the car cause he'll tell you you've got them and you'll start freaking out that you've lost them
Mikey out

Cookie says...
Day two and my body is hurting. Some will say it's old age... I'll say it was the 3 summersaults down a steep incline virtually under the chairlift. Mikey was saying that when people see someone stacking it, everyone cringes with empathy with them. I would like to think landing on my board and cruising away after this acrobatic display resulted in the thought 'he's a machine', however it would be more realistic to assume I provided a moments entertainment to the crowd above and recieving a barrage of laughter. I had the iPod on so had no idea what was going on above.

Spent the day on the upper runs and met more Aussies including some dude from Melbourne who's over here with a crew from a Presbyterian church and he grew up in an eastern European baptist church... interesting combination.

We forgot to mention that there were some guys from Kenmore Baptist on our flight over and Mikey briefly saw them today.

On the way home we made the customary pilgrimage to Fergburger. People rate it and it's usually busy for a reason and as Mikey said, it lived up to expectations. Here's a pic of the menu and as you can see, my choice of burger had already been made for me...

(click on the photo for a larger picture and read the menu)

Not as sweet as the real thing though ; )

Lessons Learnt
  • Glad the helmet I bought is a multi-impact model

  • Nougat in subzero temps is really hard to bite into (choc bars are our staple diet)

  • Photography and boarding down steep slopes concurrently isn't easy or smart

  • Think I'll be visiting Ashley and Martin soon...


  1. what up my niggaz?

    i hope you appreciate the effort it took for me to post this comment. you can't just post a comment, you have to sign up to, but you can't just sign up for, you have to sign up with google, so having completed this convoluted process, here is my comment:

    you guys sound like you're having fun. homegroup was massive tonight, all of josh pascoe and brendon pilt turned up, plus tim heppell was out on account of the fact that he works too hard. so we watched thank God you're here. much better than nz tv. :-)

    cookie, you seem to be meeting a lot of people so i set you a challenge, you need to meet a canadian (i know this may be rare as they might as well just ski in canada) and to prove you met them you need to take a photo of you and them with the aforementioned canadian holding up their visa to prove their canadian citizenship. do you accept?

    mikey, your mission should you choose to accept it is to get off the friggin' kiddie slopes before you knock one over and they break their arm. capisce?

    with that i am off to bed, goodnight one and all.

    brendan van dam (just look at my google email address, it proves my identity)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Can' menu
    Let me make the usual statement:
    Cookie can't go somewhere without meeting someone he knows

  4. Have a hot chocolate for me boys!!!

  5. Oh and I agree with Van Dam up there that it was a lot of effort to sign up to post a simple message.

    Power to the People!!!!

  6. Google will one day RULE YOUR LIFE!!!

  7. hey author (i suspect cookie)

    you can't just go around deleting comments from blog sites. i wanna know what that deleted comment said and i wanna know now. capisce? (can you tell that i like using that word?)

    brendan van dam

  8. Ahh... we don't know who or what was posted ourselves. It wasn't us who deleted it

  9. I posted...said the same thing as the post below except didn't turn out right (was meant to have stuff in italics, but didn't work. I couldn't edit it so had to start again)